Bilingual Programme

Bilingual Programme

Bilingual Programme

At Schoolhouse by the Bay, our programme is immersive by nature and carefully planned to support the strong acquisition of both, English and Chinese languages.

Our methodological approach to Immersion Education allows your child to develop a natural ease in both languages – English and Chinese. To support children’s acquisition of Chinese as a second or even third language, Schoolhouse by the Bay has crafted a unique programme such that children attends Chinese and English classes on alternate days. Furthermore, children will also have a designated English and Chinese classroom, providing them with a supportive environment to facilitate their learning.

To have bilingual success, children need to :

  • -Be taught in targeted language exclusively
  • -Be surrounded by a physical environment that supports learning
  • -Have extended and concentrated time to hear, process and absorb the language

Our bilingual programme aims to allow children to learn both languages in a meaningful and authentic way, while obtaining the language skills needed for future success. At Schoolhouse, we pride ourselves in our successful bilingual programme, equipping thousands of alumnis with a strong foundation in English as well as Chinese too!

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