Fundraising for WIRES Australia

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Fundraising for WIRES Australia

Unrelenting fires in Australia has caused lives to be lost, homes destroyed and hectares of land burnt. It has been reported that approximately half a billion animals have died through the severe bushfires. Australia animal rescue efforts across the nation have been doing their best to rescue as many animals as possible. Unfortunately, animals rescued have been found to suffer from severe burns or respiratory complications due to the fires and require intensive care.

At Schoolhouse by the Bay, we came together to raise funds to support the animal rescue efforts in Australia. It is no doubt that the animals hold a close place in the children’s hearts. Through educating children on the current affairs in Australia, we took this opportunity to work together with the children to give back and support Australia in a time of need.

The children have placed great effort in creating a little keychain to raise awareness on the situation in Australia as well as raise funds to help the animals. They proudly sold their keychain to their parents/families, to raise funds for the animals affected in Australia by the bushfires.

All proceeds are donated to the NSW Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service (WIRES). WIRES allocate donations received to assist as many animals as possible across their nation which have been affected by this crisis.Thank you, parents, for your kind donation and support.

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